Google Will Save Us All

Wow, I just finished reading Gabriel Stricker’s love-fest Google article and couldn’t help think that maybe he and Google should “get a room”.

I mean, I love Google as much as the next guy, but Stricker’s article at Business Week is about as one-sided as articles come.

Anyway, if you’re interested in reading why he believes Google is set to dominate the world, you should take a look. If you’re a fan of Yahoo, Ask or MSN, you may not want to. ;-)

MSN adCenter Trying to Catch-up

Brent Franson received an email from MSN with details of “new features” for adCenter. Brent’s not too impressed

Although I was aware of the absence of these features I would not send out an email proclaiming their upcoming availability. I can’t believe you will be able to add multiple keywords, pure genius! Rather than using “New Features,� Microsoft might want to say, “We’re finally catching Up…sort of…Check it out.�

In order to update adCenter, MSN will be taking it down the afternoon of April 18th. For how long? Why pick an afternoon on a weekday?

Local Search Gains Traction

Business Week has an article that focuses on the growth of local paid search ads.

A couple of examples show how local ads are perfect for businesses targeting a geographic area. One such company is Absolute Adventues in San Francisco.

Absolute Adventure’s revenues doubled, to $400,000, in the 12 months ended in August, 2005. “Online advertising is the single most important contributing factor to our success,” says Zenorini. “We ask every client how they found us, and apart from repeat business, about 97% found us online.”

First Page of Google Any Search Engine is Still the Best Place

Now that I’m not working for an arch-rival, I feel more inclined to link to iProspect’s studies. It always amuses me when industry people see me and my pal Rob Murray hanging out at a conference – they act like they’ve just busted a secret affair. ;-)

New data from a joint study with Jupiter Research suggests…

…62% of search engine users click on a search result within the first page of results, and a full 90% of users click on a result within the first three pages of search results. These figures were just 48% and 81%, respectively, in 2002.

…36% of search engine users believe that the companies whose websites are returned at the top of the search results are the top brands in their field.

Exclusive: Google Fire and Google Wheel Launched

It seems we just can’t get enough of Google these days. Yesterday’s news that Google had hired a new employee – and acquired some early stage technology as a result – generated a crazy amount of buzz. It seemed lost on most people that displaying snippets of web pages has been going on for some time – see Ask’s Smart Answers or Binoculars – or that companies such as Q-Phrase claim to have developed similar technology way before Orion was conceived. Still, if it’s Google, it has to be good right? Even if it’s not unique. So on that note…

We wanted to let our readers know about two new products being launched by Google later this week. Hold on to your hats folks, this stuff is incredible.

Time Warner Cable Beating Google to TV Ad Auction Model

It looks like Time Warner Cable will be one step ahead of Google, if it goes ahead with its planned auction model for TV adverts.

“We can start doing what Google does — auctioning off spots,” Time Warner Cable Chief Executive Glenn Britt told Reuters in an interview at the cable industry’s annual convention in Atlanta.

“We have the ability, using our set tops and new software we’re putting in, to begin targeting advertising,” Britt said at the show sponsored by the National Cable and Telecommunications Association. “We’re actively looking at this.”

Time Warner Cable claims it can offer better targeted ads by utilizing customer data and interests.

More at Reuters. Thanks to Ben.

Fortune Interactive Announces Four New Hires

I mentioned a few days ago, Fortune Interactive is growing fast and we’re hiring. Today we announce some great new additions to the FI family.

From the press release

RALEIGH, N.C. – Fortune Interactive LLC, an interactive marketing firm specializing in search engine and blog marketing, announced four new hires.

Cameron Morrison joins Fortune Interactive as an account manager in client services. Her background includes advertising and public relations experience. Prior to joining Fortune Interactive, she was an account and new business coordinator at The Signature Agency.

Chris Maynard joins Fortune Interactive as a marketing copywriter. He is responsible for creating web site content for clients that facilitates search engine optimization. Mr. Maynard is also a freelance sports writer covering the Durham Bulls for a local newspaper.