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WebProNews looks at Fortune Interactive’s SEMLogic technology and our newly launched SEMasphere and gives it a thumbs-up. From the article…

…instead of poring through reams of data and line after line on reports covering all manner of metrics, a SEM tech can look at a client’s sphere, and click on it for an assortment of details.

That’s where the work done by [Mike] Marshall and his team really shines. Visually, a client sphere and its surrounding spheres shows where work needs to be done to improve ranking; yellow and white stripes on a red sphere, and their placement relative to each other, show just how much improvement a site or page needs.

SEMLogic’s theme analysis index assesses the relevance of a site or a page to a query. Think about the implication: provided with a site’s details, SEMLogic knows where the site will rank in a given search engine. Before it enters the search engine’s index….

Thanks to David. Anyone else interested in taking a look at the SERPS thru the eyes of the SEMapshere can either stop by our booth at AD:TECH or drop me an email for a sneak-peak ahead of the show.