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I know Google’s integration of Google Base, with its regular search results, hit most people’s news reader last week, but the company had been quietly integrating Google Base for a couple of weeks now.

In today’s edition of Investor’s Business Daily, I explain how that move is helping Google Base to grow so fast.

The smooth integration of Base into Google’s main search results is one reason Google Base has grown so fast, says Andy Beal, chief executive of Fortune Interactive, an online services firm.

“If you’re searching to buy a car or a house and you type that into Google and you see Google Base results come up, it’s no wonder that Google Base is starting to grow at such a phenomenal rate,” he said.

The article also looks at whether Google Base can challenge eBay.

But Google Base’s fast growth — combined with its newly launched payment service — could eventually put it on par with eBay and other e-commerce players, says Safa Rashtchy, analyst for Piper Jaffray & Co.”Everything Google is doing is basically pointing in the same direction where eBay is right now,” he said. “EBay should be concerned, and I’m hearing more about this from investors.”

  • Anonymous

    Interesting to read this now. While it certainly makes sense, after read this article (posted below), it seems eBay is doing just fine. hahaa.,2933,189365,00.html

  • Maximale Hypotheek

    I really don’t think Ebay has to fear Google.. I think Google is going over the top, I think the search-engine will be used less in the next year.. But we’ll see..

  • anonymous2

    Google needs to take on eBay. eBay has become a complacent monopoly which cannot control rampant shill bidding on the site.

    Google has the brains and $$$ to take eBay on. Control shill bidding and other scams on a Google auction site and the hordes of honest people who are now forced to use eBay would jump ship in a heartbeat!