Posted April 25, 2006 8:41 am by with 1 comment

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I’ve not yet taken a look at Sphere, a new blog search engine, but Matt Marshall has and he explains some of the cool tools it offers.

Sphere orders the blog posts by relevance. First, it looks at link structures. For example, Om Malik is an authoritative blogger on telecom matters, enjoying numerous links from other well-known bloggers on the topic. If Om points to a blogger also writing about telecom, Sphere awards that blogger a boost in his relevance ranking, and his posts are considered are ranked higher. But if Om Malik goes off on a tangent, and posts something about the Yankees, he is no longer an expert. Sphere treats any links by Om to bloggers writing on the Yankees as less important. Sphere does this by doing a semantic analysis of the blog posts.

That’s a pretty neat feature and certainly welcomed. It’s about time we got a tool that knows whether the blog post comes from someone who is an authority in the discussed subject.