Posted May 19, 2006 7:49 am by with 2 comments

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Avinash Kaushik has some good advice for companies looking to get the most out of their web analytics tool. Ditch the expensive subscription and instead hire a dedicated person to analyze the data.

Avinash suggests a 6-part recovery plan for those of you blowing money on Ominiture, WebTrends, HBX etc.

Steps include ditching your high-cost analytics and instead getting a free Google Analytics account. Then?

…Cancel the contract with your favorite expensive analytics vendor and take that $50k or $100k or $200k and: 1) Hire a smart analyst for between $50k to whatever maybe your areas great salary 2) Put the rest of the money in your pocket.

Sound advice. We install GA for all of our clients, and it’s the first place we examine when trying to determine the success of a campaign.

  • Do you think it is a good idea giving Google your most important, guarded data – your traffic, visitor and conversion data?

    Couldn’t they use that information in their “Quality Score”, since those keywords convert, they must be of higher quality. I would never give that info on an important site.

  • I think there’s too much paranoia regarding Google. Why would they risk losing all credibility – not just with GA, but every prodyct – by snooping on your site data and taking advantage of it?