Posted May 17, 2006 9:12 am by with 1 comment

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I’ve always said that Alexa data is a nice tool, but doesn’t give any serious data that can be relied on.

Matt Cutts comes to the same conclusion, after Alexa suggested his blog’s traffic gets 25% the level of – yeah, right.

…there is some serious webmaster skew in the Alexa data. There is no way that I have 1/4th the daily reach of Ask. I think my site gets a little boost because tons of SEOs install the Alexa toolbar.

  • I have to agree. can’t be true with their numbers. after checking my site info on monday or Tuesday of this week it showed that it was up like 350% for a 3 month change. I checked it today and now it says we dropped 50% in a 3 month change. how in just 2-3 days can traffic stats drop like that. I think they have some screwy things going on with their site. maybe i am wrong.