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Eric Mattson takes a very unscientific look at whether the Fortune 100 are listening to bloggers and blogging themselves.

The Fortune 100 alone accounts for almost $5 TRILLON in annual revenues. They are the subject of millions of blog posts already with tens of thousands added every day. Maybe just maybe a few more of them should start blogging. But what do 28.4 million bloggers know that they don’t?

I’m all for encouraging Fortune 100 companies to start blogging – heck, we even offer a service that does just that – but I don’t believe that every company should automatically have a blog, just because blogs are popular. I think the key message here is that companies should listen to the conversation, but as long as they are communicating, that’s the important thing. They could be using conference calls, TV ads, podcasts, workgroups – the conversation is the important part, not the medium used.

Via Jeremiah.