Posted May 25, 2006 3:37 pm by with 2 comments

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The WSJ reports on the expansion of a previously revealed deal between Google and Dell.

Under a roughly three-year pact, Google, of Mountain View, Calif., would pay Dell to have its desktop software for searching the content of a user’s hard drive and emails, and a Web browser search toolbar installed on the computers, the people said. Dell would also set the default search engine for users to Google’s offering, one of the sources said.

I like Google a lot, but this does smack of hypocrisy that the company would try and prevent Microsoft from making MSN the default search engine for IE7, yet they make this deal.

  • i’m new to computing. i love google,firefox, and this website. this has answered so many questions for me. i’ve had google act strange , and then i got the another app. is shutting out google, message. marketing pilgrim is sooo good! thanks.

  • Thanks for reading Nita!