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While many companies are looking to China as the next growth market for online marketing, Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, predicts India will be the country to watch, according to The Times of India.

I tend to agree, lots of recent data suggests that India is growing at a fantastic rate with many big companies planting a footprint there.

  • People in both India and China are very productive and career targeted. It just doesn’t compare to American idol or the Superbowl. Priority goes undefined?

  • for me, as an indian, its good to know this prediction.

    but information is largely un-organized here. google has failed to target any region lower than state here. (has tried to target cities once, but shut that down in some months)

    authentic data is missing, we dont even have proper count of internet population.

    there are only handful of sites that have decent traffic – reddiff, indiatimes, naukri, etc

    web enabled transactions are perhaps at a range of 40 million usd a year.

    from search angle, there can be a potential multiplier affect over years where people become more demanding on using the information – but till someone gathers the information from disparate sources, organization is not possible.

    google took 2 weeks to approve an ad in Hindi language.

    but macro numbers may suggest something else, we dont have access to them 🙁

    of course there is lot of enthusiasm around the world on india due to its growth rate – 8% where most of them are at 2-3%. its the pace of growth that is attracting the world but not the absolute numbers i guess (in most of the markets, india stands at 2% share)

    but india can and will become the global hub of producing what the rest of the world wants. including packaged ads, information, bundled software, marketing, media planning and execution.


  • Indian people have a lot of potential are are a excited lot as well but its up to the corporates to tap this market.

  • Indian

    The idea that India will have one of the largest internet markets in 5-10 years may be true. But, Hindi will not be one of the three languages.

    Indian has around 17 major languages. Ads must be targeted using these languages. Tamil, Telugu and Punjabi are some examples of widely used Indian languages.

    We have huge amount of tamil/telugu content in wikipedia, news magazines and weekely/monthly magazines. These languages will have equal or better population than Hindi. The main reason is that the net community is dominated by these two languages which is due to huge IT people in the southern states. Compared to Hindi speaking communities (Bihar, UP), the education (that is needed to use computers/net) in southern states is significantly more!

  • vishnu.s

    It may be true that india is growing but most of the people say youngsters use it for chatting, checking their mails or searching jobs online shopping is not in a big level it may be there in metros but not in other places.
    if a person is searching job in that page you can not advertise for selling a car like wise while car add in the mail box is not been mostly accepted instead of that “find a girl for dating at your home place” add is there is been viewed most and selected

    take an example recently an add for job in canarabank is displayed in orkut home page how many of them have used very less so it may grow but not to a full extent

  • It seems that the big boys are just realizing what little guys have known for years.

    As a small business owner I have been contracting with Indian programmers for anything from web design to sophisticated custom programming for five years now.

  • next growth market for online marketing, Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, predicts India will be the country to watch, according to The Times of India but not “The Time of India.”

  • Suresh, what’s a letter among friends? 😉 Thanks for spotting the error, I’ve corrected it.

  • nice info chances are vast as new buzz word web2 is spreading vast in india

  • Business globalization and content localization research firm Common Sense Advisory just published a research brief (free with registration) titled “India beyond English” about online language issues in India. We believe the activities of Google and Yahoo! in support of non-English languages signal the opening of this vast, if incipient, online market. The language situation in India is different than in any other country, not only because there are so many languages, but also because most of the languages can be written in more than one script, which is something computers are not accustomed to handling.

  • India is still way behind. Most of their people live on a rupee a day, which isn’t enough to afford internet service let alone a computer. China is definately the next major growth player when it comes to their people going online.

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