Posted May 8, 2006 8:59 am by with 1 comment

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DM News takes a look at a new study by JupiterResearch, that finds most in-house search marketers are distracted by other duties and likely not getting the best return.

…58 percent of search marketers also handle Web site design, 57 percent handle e-mail advertising, 49 percent are responsible for marketing communications and 44 percent are involved in market research…in addition, 26 percent of search professionals also handle IT functions.

Compare that to a search marketing agency such as Fortune Interactive, where we not only have dedicated search specialists, but also have people that focus on particular aspects of search marketing (such as copywriting or competitive analysis). With many companies’ in-house search marketers focusing on other things, it’s no wonder most still outsource the bulk of their SEM campaigns.

  • Interesting, but I believe the report is slightly skewed. I would tend to agree with their findings for the smaller companies where marketing people wear many hats. But, in larger organizations where ecommerce is important, there is a division of labor within the marketing department, and you’ll find many specialists in Paid Search and SEO. So, in my opinion, i think their research was with smaller companies.