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I’ve criticized many companies in the past for their “it’s not fair” attitude towards Google. From search engines to cable companies, it seems each week there is a new company complaining that Google is too dominant in the search space.

Well, that goes both ways.

Google needs to quit its whining over Microsoft’s plans to include a search box in the new Internet Explorer 7, with MSN Search set as the default.

“The market favors open choice for search, and companies should compete for users based on the quality of their search services,” said Marissa Mayer, the vice president for search products at Google. “We don’t think it’s right for Microsoft to just set the default to MSN. We believe users should choose.”

“We believe users should choose”, is that right? That philosphy didn’t suit you well when you started promoting Firefox on your homepage, did it? The same Firefox that has Google set as the default search engine. Oh, but now that MSFT is taking advantage of their brand, you’re happy to encourage Firefox to also let users choose their search engine. Let’s see, IE market share = 80%, Firefox = not so much. It’s easy to see where that change of heart came from.

I’m a fan of Google and I use Firefox, but you can’t have it both ways. Google is a huge, dominant search engine that controls the majority of web searches. Smaller companies are kicked to the curb everyday because of Google’s decisions or preferred alliances. Now that a bigger bully has entered the playground, Google wants to cry uncle.

Via JB.

UPDATE: Seems Danny Sullivan agrees with my view.

  • Right on Andy! Take Google to task. They should have seen this coming when they hired one of Firefox’s lead programmers, tied their search engine so closely to Firefox, and tacitly supported a campaign started just last week to pay IE users $1 each to move to Firefox. The essence of competition is giving users and consumers a REASON to be loyal to the product or service. Google needs to stop whining to the governments of the world and step up the marketing efforts and show the world it can stand on its own feet.