Posted May 15, 2006 9:44 am by with 1 comment

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Someone – preferrably Google – needs to chat to News Corp about acquiring/partnering with MySpace pretty darn quick, as Hitwise reports the site accounts for 8.2% of Google’s inbound traffic.

Via Battelle.

P.S. Anyone else freaked out by John’s favicon? John, quit staring at me! 🙂

  • After reading some comments on Battelle’s site, I just wonder how these numbers come together. By default, the myspace search mech is supplied by Yahoo so that throws out inter-site searches as a major contributor. I would guess Google would be a good place to start surfing after a myspace visit but accounting for over 8% of all inbound traffic, hardly. My best guess is the traffic it is receiving is by way of the adwords network. With “a 1000% growth rate in market share in less then a year”, a lot of fake sites could be made. I feel that this number is a better indicator of potential fraud activity than revenue opportunity.