Google Continues to Make Footstool of Yahoo and MSN

According to new ComScore data, Google continues to dominate the search space, growing its market share…

…users climbed from 42.7 percent to 43.1 percent from March to April of this year–up from 36.5 percent in April 2005.

Yahoo and MSN? Not so much…

In second place, Yahoo saw its market share hold steady at 28 percent between March and April, a decrease of 2.7 percent from last year.

MSN also continued to fall, leaving its market share at 12.9 percent in April of this year, down from 16.1 percent at the same time last year

Cool, glad to see Yahoo knows how to beat Google. And Microsoft might need more than 5 years, if they have any chance at all. ;-)

Special Olympics North Carolina Needs Volunteers

The Special Olympics North Carolina will hold its Summer Games in Raleigh June 2-4. As you know, Fortune Interactive is a big supporter of the SONC, so I’m posting this message as a community alert for all readers in the Triangle area.

The SONC still needs volunteers for the Summer Games. If you can donate just a few hours of your time, you’ll help 1,200 atheletes compete in various sports. You’ll have a blast and help a worthwhile group. More information here or contact me directly, and I’ll put you in touch.

Marketing Holding Companies Suck?

MarketingVOX shares details of the 4th Annual PRWeek/MS&L Marketing Management Survey which seems to indicate independent marketing firms deliver better than holding companies.

Only 7.5 percent of marketers said holding companies were more effective at offering integrated strategies than independent firms.

It also looks like more companies are turning to internet agencies…

The most significant change over last year’s agency mix is that the number of marketers using Internet/new-media agencies has nearly doubled, from 9.8% to 19.2%.

Hoorah for the independent internet firms!

Fortune 100 Not Blogging Enough?

Eric Mattson takes a very unscientific look at whether the Fortune 100 are listening to bloggers and blogging themselves.

The Fortune 100 alone accounts for almost $5 TRILLON in annual revenues. They are the subject of millions of blog posts already with tens of thousands added every day. Maybe just maybe a few more of them should start blogging. But what do 28.4 million bloggers know that they don’t?

I’m all for encouraging Fortune 100 companies to start blogging – heck, we even offer a service that does just that – but I don’t believe that every company should automatically have a blog, just because blogs are popular. I think the key message here is that companies should listen to the conversation, but as long as they are communicating, that’s the important thing. They could be using conference calls, TV ads, podcasts, workgroups – the conversation is the important part, not the medium used.

Google’s Keeping Secrets

Chris Gaither of the LA Times looks at the wall of secrecy Google often hides behind. If you watched the live video feed during the Google Press Day, you would have seen Chris ask CEO Eric Schmidt about why Google is not more transparent with the way it makes money.

Wall Street knows how many iPods and computers Apple Computer Inc. ships, how many items EBay Inc. lists for auction and how many vehicles Ford Motor Co. sells because the companies disclose that information.

Google, in contrast, discloses only basic financial information, such as its profit, expenses and balance sheet.

Google has many closely guarded secrets, from the number of servers it uses, to the amount of commission it pays Adsense partners. Schmidt claims that sharing information with the public would do more harm than good.

RSS On Your Cell With Google Reader

Over at the Google Reader blog, they’ve announced support for your cell phone of choice. Oh great, as if checking email at dinner is not bad enough, the “Missess” is gonna love me for checking RSS too. :-)

Point your mobile device here:

Hat-tip to Barry.

What’s In Your Blogging Toolbox?

Stephan Spencer shares with us some of the blogging tools he finds useful.