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I became a Plaxo fan back last fall when starting FI. I’ve really found it beneficial and like the free email signature they provide.

Today comes news that the company will be offering an interesting phone service to users.

Plaxo’s new Click to Call feature lets users make phone calls by clicking on a phone number in their Plaxo address book. A screen pops up asking the caller to confirm the numbers, and when that screen is clicked, the phone will ring. When the caller picks up, the system automatically initiates the call to the other person.

The calling function, available through a partnership with VoIP provider Jajah, does not require either party to have headphones, microphones or a high-quality broadband connection or extra VoIP software, said Plaxo Chief Executive Ben Golub.

The first five minutes are free to anywhere in the world. After that, the charge is less than 2 cents a minute in the U.S. and slightly higher for overseas calls, he said.

We’ve seen this in the Pay-Per-Call space, but its interesting to see it being used elsewhere. Its amazing to think how increased bandwidth will improve online advertising, now we’re seeing how it can also help the old fashioned phone call.

PS. So its not exactly “free” unless you’re a really fast talker. 😉