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Andy Beal is no longer associated with Fortune Interactive. View Andy’s consulting services.

If you’ve not yet had a chance to take a look at our SEMLogic and SEMasphere technology, you’ve not yet seen the Future of Search Marketing. Think we’re just tooting our own horn? That maybe true, but here’s a third-party review of what Fortune Interactive offers.

Kudos to Michael Marshall and the entire Fortune Interactive team for winning praise like this…

“…Fortune Interactive came up with a tool to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of an advertiser’s search campaign in real time on a real engine, plotted against real competitors…”

“…All this technology brings a precision to search engine optimization that was previously only available to pay-per-click management…”

“…SEMasphere also can be used to give advertisers and search ad agencies a very visual warning of competitive threats they might otherwise not notice…”

“…The use of the SEMasphere tool will eliminate the need for much trial-and-error in SEO campaigns…”

Tony Spencer thinks
we should charge more for our search marketing services, but I’d rather give everyone a chance to experience why Fortune Interactive is different.

  • Andy –

    I know you. I know your name, what you have done, I know your glowing reputation. That’s why when I was contacted by a sales person for Fortune Interactive, I gave him a chance – even though I wasn’t 100% interested in purchasing the tool.

    The sales call was bungled from the start and he got so flustered that he conceded. No, we weren’t interested in buying SEMLogic. That’s why I was surprised when he called back two hours later and asked if I could please have a conference call with him and the new CEO, Paul George.

    I just hung up with them – and what a waste of time. I am not sure that either of them truly understand the technology of search engines or the tool they are trying to represent. I am not sure they are aware of current tools available that are free & reputable.

    The worst part was not that it was a waste of 20 minutes, because I do appreciate interacting with other search engine professionals. The worst part was that they were a bit insulting to me and the way that I do business. Hey mister, weren’t you just trying to get me to open my wallet and break out the company Amex? Now you’re so insulted that you have to leave me with a bad taste in my mouth?

    I think you headed a great ship, but I am afraid it may have sailed south without you. Even the visual presentation of the tool looked beta and something reminiscent of 2002 era software. In most areas of my life I have fairly cheap taste, but I have to be honest – with everything that is available out there (especially for free), if someone wants me to pay for something it better be awe-inspiring.

    Thanks for the time.


  • @Ashley – I’m sorry to hear about your experience. I hear that they really only have a couple of employees now and that they lost all of their experts. 🙁