Posted May 17, 2006 10:51 am by with 3 comments

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I must have had a premonition about Skype, as I joined the service about a week before they announced their free calls for the remainder of the year, promotion.

Any how, I’ve added a status bar to the right navigation menu and my Skype name is “andybeal” and my Skype number is “919-647-9655”. This is mostly so Richard Branson knows how to reach me – oh, but I guess others can use it too. 😉

Free calls, from my computer? Got to be worth trying! Well, at least until I get round to testing AOL’s new phone service. 😉

  • I use the skype button too. I like it because it sort of shows I’m “there” as a person and not just a website (if that makes sense).

    Now I just need to find something similar for MSN. Any ideas?

  • I clicked on your Skype button and got a Firefox error message.

  • Sorry. If you don’t already have skype, you should have seen a pop-up message. I just fixed the code.