Posted May 15, 2006 8:50 am by with 1 comment

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Melanie Colburn is none too pleased with some “covert spam” being inserted into her WhoLinked feeds.

At the bottom of the list of links is an innocent little tag “What is this?” You might think it was a link to WhoLinked with an informational bit. Instead there’s a small drop-down that includes a random link to eBay. Wait, there’s more. The affiliate link is cloaked and disabling java gives a spammy page (, which had an additional redirect to junk).

It looks innocuous enough, but maybe Todd Dunning can include a disclaimer in the FAQ. I’ll ping him for his thoughts.

UPDATED: Checked with Todd and he shared some info. The eBay link is an affiliate link, which follows the guidelines set out by eBay. Todd tells me that the link helps offset only a small percentage of the thousands of dollars he spends each month in hosting WhoLinked. Todd also mentioned updating the site’s FAQ to include a disclaimer…

Is this really free?
For now, WhoLinked is free – supported by sponsors under the box’s explanation window. Please click on them and help keep us free!

Sounds like a fair trade for a free service.