Posted June 2, 2006 3:52 pm by with 2 comments

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The San Francisco Chronicle reports the Justice Department is meeting with internet companies such as Google, AOL, Microsoft and Verizon and asking them to keep up to two years of your personal data.

“…the department is interested in records that would allow them to identify which individuals visited certain Web sites and possibly conducted searches using certain terms…It also wants the Internet companies to retain records about whom their users exchange e-mail with, but not the contents of e-mail messages, the executives said.”

Official reasons for the request include child pornography and terrorism investigations, but the door is open for the data to be used for any criminal investigation.

  • Considering the arrests made in Canada and the U.K. yesterday and today we should better understand the intent of the DOJ.
    Want to bet they are following the clickstreams and emails on the terrorists computers. People fail to remember we are in a world war.

  • Anonymous

    Blog Host: World war? Bullshit. Looks like the guys in London were completely innocent as well.

    Like this data will never be abused.