Posted June 22, 2006 9:20 am by with 1 comment

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CNET always treads on dangerous ground when it invites biased writers to contribute articles. Hey, I’m not naive, bias exists everywhere, but Steve Johnson does a particularly great job of showing the world just how biaised he is, with his article criticizing Google for lack of personalization – personalization happens to be the focus of Steve’s company (shock, horror!).

So, with that in mind, Steve offers up his thoughts on what Google needs to do, in order to offer greater personalization in its search results. Some good ideas are there, but they’ve been on people’s wish-list for years.

Lastly, maybe CNET should do a better job in screening its contributors. If Steve can make this wildly inaccurate statement…

Google processes each search query and limits the relevance of the results based solely on the user’s personal search history.

…I’ve got a great article for them on how to turn coal into diamonds. 😉

  • Personally I think Cnet should do more screening full stop, so much of their content seems to be poorly researched, poorly written, scaremongering rubbish.

    The amount of tripe I’ve seen written there is appaling. We had several discussions a while ago at cre8asite where someone has posted a Cnet article suggesting one thing, and it’s then been ripped apart for being completely innaccurate.