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Do you have more online profiles than you can remember? Would you like have a central profile that appears at the top of the search engines? Naymz maybe your new friend.

Naymz allows you to aggregate links to all of your personal online content (blogs, photos, social networking profiles, news articles, resumes, etc) onto one page and then have that page appear at or near the top of the paid results when someone searches for your first and last name.

According to Naymz co-founder Tom Drugan, “We are utilizing the AdWords API to automate the postings and we also display the ads on Yahoo, MSN and their respective distribution partners. We feel the time couldn’t be better for a product like this given the explosion of user generated content.”

Drugan hopes the service will appeal to anyone who’s name is their brand, such as attorneys, doctors, dentists and real estate agents…Search marketers, bloggers… 🙂

Drugan and four other co-founders originally worked for Orbitz.

Want to see my profile? Here it is: Andy Beal

  • Thank you for this information! I just wrote an article intended to help folks who don’t like the results they see when they Google themselves (see “ask the experts” on the site linked from my name)… I am going to add this to it right now!


  • just like to have name association to RI vocalists or cabaret performers! Thanks

  • Thank you. Jazz vocalist/Cabaret Performer

  • No audience is too large or too small! They get all my energy…all my emotion! keep a song in your heart~Jeanne

  • wow this is cool

  • wow this is so cooll

  • I want to publish my name and my details on google search

  • Cool. Awsome. *smiles*

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