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Reports are surfacing that Google is offering a new CPA model for AdSense publishers.

I’m not an AdSense user, so perhaps someone else can answer the following question. Will Google share the CPA value for each advertiser? They don’t currently share the CPC with AdSense publishers, but surely, if you intend to select ads to show on your web site, you’ll need to know how much per action an advertiser is willing to pay.

And, where are the advertisers coming from? Which advertisers are testing this CPA network?

  • The system looks like an attempt to track a user from initial click to purchase. It also looks like the only webmaster to gain from the system is the one the user last clicked before the purchase. Since some online “shopping” can take months of research with multiple sessions, this arrangement seems less than fair.
    I see this as a poor attempt to replace the Adwords program that is problematic in a number of ways.

  • Anonymous is already launching a search engine with no click fraud.

    I do not trust Google because they already said that this new adsense program will not only decrease the publisher’s commission but it will also increase the cost per click for EACH KEYWORD on Google adwords. Meaning
    it will cost us more money to advertise on their search engine.

    When Google brings a so called good news, there is ALWAYS an evil side effect and we arethe ones who pays the price.

    I don’t trust google at all!!

    Angelina Bachello

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