Posted June 12, 2006 9:20 am by with 0 comments

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Just in case you’ve not already heard the news rippling through the blogosphere, famed blogger, Robert Scoble, has announced he is leaving Microsoft, to become VP of Content for, a company providing video interviews of technology leaders.

Congratulations to Robert, especially as reports suggest he’ll be making a lot more money and getting a good stock plan.

Two interesting questions, that I am sure will be asked over the coming days.

1. Scoble was a huge asset to Microsoft and gave the company a more personal voice. How will Scoble’s departure impact the company?

2. Working for Microsoft, no doubt gave Scoble a huge platform from which to have his voice heard. Now that he has left the company for a start-up, will he carry the same clout?

My own thoughts? I think Scoble gave Microsoft a better understanding of blogging, which the company will continue to benefit from. I also think Scoble has established himself as a rock star of the blogging community, and any start-up paying his salary, just saved themselves triple the amount in advertising. Scoble’s voice will carry them a long way.