Posted June 26, 2006 10:10 am by with 1 comment

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Avinash doesn’t post to his blog every day, but when he does post, he usually has something interesting to say. In his latest post, he reminds web site marketers to not neglect their internal site search.

Keywords that bring visitors to your web site, are not always the same words they use to navigate, once they’re there.

“The key insight is that most searchers are looking for generic things (think for example “category termsâ€?) in google or yahoo or msn to locate a relevant site. But once they are on the website they are looking for something specific.”

The importance of good site structure and analyzing the intent of your visitors are also covered.

  • Robert Lin

    Andy thanks for highlighting the post from Avinash, internal site search is a underutilized resource by most marketers. As the SEM market is becoming more competitive and marketers try to figure out how to increase ROI one side benefit will be internal site search.