Political Bloggers on the Payroll

The Washington Post reveals Hillary Clinton is the latest in a line of politicians hiring their own political blogger.

Looks like the next election could be decided by who has the most Technorati Top 100 on their payroll. ;-)

Microsoft Loses Another Exec to Google

Do you think Google execs do a Dr.Evil “Mooohooowhaha” everytime they steal a Microsoft executive away? If they do, there’s more going on at the ‘plex today as Business 2.0 reveals a new loss for the Redmond company.

Vic Gundotra, a general manager for platform evangelism at Microsoft and a 15-year employee, has agreed to join Google after first spending a year working on charitable endeavors.

“Mr. Gundotra has resigned from Microsoft (Charts) and entered into an agreement with Google,” Google (Charts) spokesman Steve Langdon wrote in an emailed statement. “He will not be a Google employee for one year and intends to spend that time on philanthropic pursuits. We are uncertain what precise role he will play when he begins working for Google, but he has a broad range of skills and experience which we believe will be valuable to Google.”

GBuy Launches as Google Checkout

Pretty much all of the GBuy beans have already been spilled, but with today’s official launch, we do learn some new details.

First, the new service is officially named Google Checkout.

has a good summary of details, including…

…AdWords advertisers will receive free payment processing for sales of up to 10 times their monthly spending. A company spending $1,000 in one month for AdWords would receive $10,000 worth of free payment processing the next month.

…Google has signed some well-known brands to participate at launch. Buy.com, Timberland.com, Jockey.com, Starbucks.com and Levis.com will offer users the option of using Google Checkout.

…Google Checkout is aimed at providing people the convenience of entering in their credit card and personal details once, then using them across a variety of merchants.

Yahoo Pleased With Click Fraud Settlement

Yahoo’s Click Fraud Suit has finally come to an end. Unlike Google’s settlement where they would give you adwords credit, Yahoo may be dishing out cash to their advertisers.

Yahoo’s response to the suit: “We’re very pleased with this important settlement because it not only validates the strength of the search marketing industry and the effectiveness of our system, but also it allows us to move forward to work more closely with our advertisers and others across the industry to fight click fraud. ”

Not sure why they are so “pleased?” I am sure they are happy the actual suit is over, but I am not convinced this is the last we will see of click fraud issues with Yahoo, Google, and other engines.

Seventy Percent of Large Companies Will Have a Blog by Year End

Not sure why I didn’t blog this earlier, but JupiterResearch released details of a study suggesting 35% of large companies will launch a corporate blog by the end of 2006, bringing the total to nearly 70%.

According to a new report, “Corporate Weblogs: Deployment, Promotion, and Measurement,” currently 64 percent of executives spend less than $500,000 to deploy and manage corporate Weblogs.

I should think so too! Fortune Interactive will design, launch and manage your corporate blog for less than $5k per month – that’s a whole lot less than $500,000. :-)

Fortune Interactive Hiring Again

Andy Beal is no longer associated with Fortune Interactive. View Andy’s consulting services.

If you know of any “rainmaker” sales professionals, send them over to our web site as we’re once again looking to hire proven inside sales execs.

No Matter What Google Says, GBuy Will Compete With PayPal

It’s still a mystery why Google is intent on distancing GBuy from PayPal – maybe it’s to protect their PPS if PayPal whips their butt – but Business Week looks at all the reasons why GBuy will indeed be a PayPal rival.