Yahoo’s David Beach Leaving for Wink

Remember Wink? The search engine that uses tagging to find the most relevant results?

They must be doing something right as SEW reports the senior product manager of Yahoo Shopping Search, David Beach, has decided to leave Yahoo after five years, and join Wink.

Dell Using Google Earth for Technical Support

News that Dell is leveraging its partnership with Google to offer premium customers a new service utilizing Google Earth’s mapping technology.

Dubbed “Platinum Plus,” the new service lets Dell customers use the 3D mapping program Google Earth Pro to see in real-time how the Round Rock company is responding to technical support issues around the globe.

The idea is to make it simpler and easier for medium to large businesses using Dell to maintain their systems, said Steve Meyer, vice president of Dell Services.

I especially love the “zoom” feature, that lets you really see the technical issue, as shown below. ;-)

Google Analytics Adds Integration with AdWords

Google just added two new reports to Google Analytics – AdWords Analysis report and the AdWords Keyword Positions report. The new reports expand on previous GA reporting and provide automatic tracking of AdWords campaigns by importing the data directly to Google Analytics.

What do the new reports provide? Here’s what Google’s telling us…

AdWords Analysis report

The AdWords Analysis report displays the return on investment for every Campaign, Ad Group, and keyword in an AdWords account. The report is useful for advertisers as they monitor and optimize their Ad Groups and keywords. ROI is calculated using AdWords keyword costs and goal or e-commerce values specified by the advertiser within Analytics.

AdWords Keyword Positions report

Google Earth Revealing Military Secrets Blah Blah Blah

Yet another story about how Google Earth could help terrorists and unfriendly military learn valuable information about bases, nuclear reactors etc.

I’m pretty sure that if someone wanted to figure out the location of a military leader’s favorite vacation home, they could do so even without the help of Google.

India’s scared, Thailand’s concerned; and the French? The French are building their own Google Earth.

Be warned, the article is six pages long. I stopped at page four, so if you read anything good on 5 or 6, please come back and let me know. ;-)

NBC Finally Gets YouTube

At one point NBC sent a nasty request to YouTube, asking them to remove uploaded content from Saturday Night Live. It seems they now see the huge viral benefits of YouTube and have made a deal, according to ClickZ.

Under terms of the new agreement, YouTube will promote NBC’s Fall programs and other shows for one year. The video aggregator will host an official NBC Channel with exclusive clips and long-form promos for “The Office,” SNL and “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” among others.

DM News Essential Search Engine Marketing Guide

The latest edition of DM News comes with a 64-page guide to search engine marketing. There are so many good articles in the publication, you really need to download it.

There’s a particularly good piece on using blogs to research keywords, written by the talented (and modest) Andy Beal. ;-)

Google’s GBuy Coming This Week

Google’s new payment system, GBuy, really needs to deliver, if it’s to live-up to the hype it’s received over the past several weeks.

According to the WSJ, the service will launch this week and will come out fighting. Rebates to consumers, fee discounts to AdWords advertisers and a system that integrates with existing ecommerce sites, are all expected when GBuy launches.

Just remember, this is not a competitor of PayPal – even if GBuy does end-up kicking PayPal’s tired butt, it’s not a competitor. Everyone got that? ;-)