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So much for Friday being a quiet day at Marketing Pilgrim. 😉

I wish I could take the credit for the post that generated such a buzz on Friday, but Fortune Interactive’s Search Marketing Manager and Marketing Pilgrim contributor, Al Scillitani, deserves the credit.

Who would have thought that Google sending us a packet of pain-killers would cause such a stir? Interest ranged from those who thought the story was great; those who thought it showed Google’s sense of humor; those that thought it was made-up and some even thought we should sue Google for sending us medication. Even Chris Pirillo called me to discuss the incident for his upcoming podcast. Crazy stuff!

I know that Google’s Adam Lasnik didn’t expect such a big fuss, when he mailed out his gift and I sure hope he didn’t get in any hot-water with Google’s PR department. I think overall, it shows how plugged-in Google still is, despite its size, and that it cares about its users and advertisers.

So what was the impact of the story? Here’s some numbers you may interested in:

* More than 4400 4800 5000 people added the story to
* So far, Digg has sent us more than 25,000 visitors
* Robert Scoble was one of the first to blog it which likely got the Digg thing rolling (thanks Robert!)
* The story received more than 50,000 page views.
* Around 40,000 visitors came to the site on Friday alone, with another 10,000+ estimated readers pulling the story via the RSS feed (we normally get around 4-5k visitors a day)

Thanks to all of you who visited Marketing Pilgrim and added your comments. We hope that some of the 40,000 new readers will return for more fun and informative posts. 🙂

I’ll leave you with a chart showing Friday’s traffic. I’ll let you see if you can figure out when the story made it to the front page of Digg. 😉

UPDATE: And on it went into day 2.