Posted July 11, 2006 8:13 am by with 1 comment

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ClickZ takes a closer look at Google’s tougher algorithms for AdWords landing pages. The changes are designed to filter out MFA sites aka “made for AdSense” which are designed to attract traffic for pennies and display AdSense ads that earn the publisher a profit.

For most AdWords advertisers, the changes shouldn’t be a problem, according to Fortune Interactive’s own Al Scillitani. He tells ClickZ…

Penalizing irrelevant sites helps advertisers that link to quality content, site publishers, and consumers by increasing the relevance of Google’s ads, according to Al Scillitani, search marketing manager at Fortune Interactive. “The changes Google has implemented so far, and continues to implement, are things that advertisers should be doing anyway: use targeted keywords, [run] relevant ads with a good call to action, and link to a well written, relevant landing page,” Scillitani told ClickZ. “The quality score measurement makes the advertiser increase relevancy. To me, it makes sense that a relevant ad/landing page with the keyword in it will rank higher than an ad that is not relevant, assuming they have the same cost per click.”

That being said, it will be interesting to see if Google is able to understand the context of every page…

Scillitani voiced concerns over how Google determines what is relevant, worrying that sites with quality content would not be penalized for using synonyms, for example. “Is the ads bot going to go through the landing page and report back to AdWords some type of relevancy score? If so, that is scary to me,” he said. “If the bot does not recognize a synonym of your word or if it is taken out of context, will this affect your quality index score?”

  • Andy, its not a perfect solution. Its punishing lotta genuine sites. We have lots of pages that are flash, now google is asking me to pay 10 times on several important keywords and 20 times on other keywords.

    i need to change all the landing pages to machine readable text and then write to google may be, but this is not a great experience you see 🙁