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I don’t think I have ever said “google it”, but it appears enough other people have to warrant Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary adding the verb to it’s latest edition.

“Google is definitely a verb,” said Dan Reynolds, a 35-year-old salesman at YES Computers in Northampton. “Google has become like a secondary brain for a lot of people. If you want quick info on something, that’s what you do. You google it.”

Respectful of the trademark, Merriam-Webster lowercases the entry but maintains the capitalization while explaining that the verb means “to use the Google search engine” to retrieve online information.

“We’re defining a trademark as a verb, just like we did with the word xerox,” Morse said.

The looks at other popular names that have gone on to become verbs. Xeroxed and Photoshopped are well known examples.

So what are the next additions? Here’s some ideas:

“ebayed” – def – to block a competitor’s service by changing your terms and conditions.

“the dells” – def – an undiagnosed genital condition that results in a burning sensation in your lap.

“xboxed” – def – to start crashing the moment you turn something on.

“scobled” – def – when a company loses street-cred when a key blogger leaves the company.

“AOL’d” – def – the complex process of trying to convey simple instructions to a customer service rep.

Any others I missed?

  • My additions include

    * Scoblized: Getting a link from the Scoblizer blog to your blog –and watching traffic soar
    * ValleyWagged: Being embarassed in front of the whole world.

  • powerpointed – reduced to an interminable series of lifeless bullet points and meaningless graphics. “Once it was powerpointed, we couldn’t tell if it had ever been a good idea.”

    Doug Savage takes on the gratuitous verbing of words at Savage Chickens. And yes, I just verbed verb.

  • I thought it was pretty interesting.

    probably you might want to add

    “Microsofted” – attacked by numerous bugs and being turned off w/o any reason.

    how about that?

  • Good suggestions, keep them coming!