Posted July 11, 2006 9:14 am by with 1 comment

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Amongst all the shouting and sweating of stock guru Jim Cramer, you’ll often find some words of wisdom. It gets a little easier when he’s asked to put his speculation in writing. 🙂

At, Cramer tells us we can bank on Google launching its own phone service at some point in the future.

You have to be a believer about Google taking over your phone business…the company has bought a ton of dark fiber, and it has bought stakes in companies that do broadband over power lines and Wi-Fi…Google wants to be an Internet Service Provider (ISP) — it needs to do that just to grow, and I think that it is a natural to offer an all-in-one package.

I didn’t see a disclaimer, but I’m guessing Cramer owns a share or two of GOOG. 😉

  • geoff white

    so when are these phones from google available in the u.s. i have heard the 1st of feb 2008. any date
    of release?