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So, we could offer a boring re-cap of how Google’s private plane is subject to multiple lawsuits, but you’d miss the craziest quote of the week

Mr. Jennings says Messrs. Brin and Page “had some strange requests,” including hammocks hung from the ceiling of the plane. At one point he witnessed a dispute between them over whether Mr. Brin should have a “California king” size bed, he says. Mr. Jennings says Mr. Schmidt stepped in to resolve that by saying, “Sergey, you can have whatever bed you want in your room; Larry, you can have whatever kind of bed you want in your bedroom. Let’s move on.”

And there you have it folks, two of the most influential people in the world fighting over who gets what type of bed.

Right after that conversation, Larry gave Sergey a wedgie and Eric sent them both to “time-out”. 😉