Posted July 19, 2006 10:08 am by with 1 comment

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While it can be fun to watch a heavyweight boxing fight, sometimes it can be even more enjoyable to watch two intellectual heavyweights go at it.

That happened recently when Google Peter Norvig challenged internet pioneer Tim Berners-Lee of the his idea for a Semantic Web.

If I can pull Mike Marshall away from his work on the next SEMLogic case study, I’ll ask him to offer his thoughts.

UPDATE: Either Mike invented a time-machine or he’s just ahead of the game when it comes to the Semantic Web – either way he tells me he gave his thoughts on the topic back in January.

  • I have to agree with Peter on that discussion. Webmaster’s as a whole have a hard enough time meeting the basic standards the internet is imposing. Things like HTML and meta tags are largely ignored by developers. For this I do believe that Google must take at least partial responsiblity. Andy, your “laptop” keyword experience show that internal site keywords make very little difference compared to outside links. This type of ranking does not put the emphasis on site page optimization, which is where Tim is suggesting these additional “tags” be maintained.
    While agree with Tim on the big scale theory of what he is proposing, Peter is correct in saying that it is years away if ever.