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Our thanks to Enid Burns for taking the time to talk to Mike Marshall and I about the new SEMLogic study we released today her ClickZ article.

Here’s an extract…

Inbound link quality is the only factor with the same relative influence across the board; Google, Yahoo and MSN’s algorithms. The engines look at a target site to determine the influence and reputation of each inbound link.

“It turns out that it’s actually the quality of [inbound links] than the quantity that wins the day,” said Michael Marshall, VP of technology at Fortune Interactive.

At Google, inbound links rank in the following order: quality, relevance, title keyword, anchor keyword, quantity. Further down the list, site factors such as title keyword, anchor keyword, body keyword, content relevance and title content weigh into the equation.

  • Andy,

    I wanted to know if you think your findings thus far, point to the fact that SEO needs tighter integretion with PR/Marketing/WOM team to help create/distribute linkbaits and generate buzz. While this generates quantity of links, if the buzz is good enough quality should be there too.

    I’m seeing more and more articles by SEO folks touching on it, but no mention of a case study of an SEO that integreates linkbaits by creative agencies and PR push by PR agencies.

    I’ve been writting on it on the topic on one article, “SEO Needs Creative/PR Help“, but I’ll be expending it more as it relates to social media and how its effecting SEO.

  • Hi Daniel,

    I think buzz building can certainly help SEO in many ways – if you take a look at our recent story about Google sending us some aspirin, you can see just how buzz marketing can generate thousands of links beneficial to SEO

    At Fortune Interactive we offer blog marketing and reputation monitoring services because we think both go hand-in-hand with SEO.


  • Hi Andy,

    Appreciate the reply. And thanks for that real world example re: aspirin, its a rather powerful example. I would definately need to look more into joint SEO/Blog Marketing effort.

    Off topic: I was wondering if you have any Fortunate Interactive materials re: reputation monitoring. Finding partner that does reputation monitoring is actually something I’d like to look into for the company I work with.

  • Sure, send me an email ( and I’ll put you in touch with someone here that can discuss your needs.