Posted July 20, 2006 10:48 pm by with 6 comments

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Thanks to Chris Pirillo for asking me to join him for the latest edition of The Chris Pirillo Show.

Listen to the podcast
as I discuss:

– the search engine optimization industry
– Google’s dominance of the search space
– why did Google send us aspirin?
– why do new Google products generate initial buzz then not live up to expectations?
– Fortune Interactive’s SEMLogic technology

  • Kudos on the interview with Chris Pirillo. It’s interesting to hear Chris’ opinion to search in the way he words his questions.

    During Gnomedex last month, He announced that Todd Freisen was unable to make it to speak so Gnomedex wouldn’t have a “spammer” at the conference. I think it was tongue-in-cheek, but it was an eye opening comment for me personally.

    Of course, I am not going to have to review all our client sites and remove all references to Brittney Spears based upon some new information I garnered from the interview 🙂

  • Yes, and I’m sorry if I sound half awake / half asleep… it was an “off” day. 🙁

  • LOL – yeah the whole Brittney Spears spamming tactic died about, oh, a couple weeks ago? 😉

  • That’s ok Chris. Once we agreed that I wasn’t in Seattle, things went well. 😉

  • JD

    even tired CP throws some zingers (not as many as during his interview with AMD)…..but a very informative interview.

    What was the name of that report you referred to at the end of the show? That sounded really interesting… SEOMoztal page (yeah, I can’t read my own handwritting!)


  • We release a study on the search engine’s algorithms at

    The SEOMoz Page Strength tool is at