Adwords Optimizer Offers Automated Tinkering

ClickMuse has an interesting new offering – Adwords Optimizer. The service claims to scan your AdWords data and makes recommendations on what ads to update. ClickMuse says that those who have used it find it cuts down their “tweaking” time by 75%.

So how does it work?

The AdWords Optimizer will send you an alert as soon as one of your Ad Groups is ready to be optimized. So now you know exactly when it is time to take action and keep boosting the CTR of your Ad Groups.

You will no longer have to go through all of your Ad Groups to manually check and calculate if one ad is outperforming another. All of this will be done automatically by the AdWords Optimzer saving you hours per day.

If you’ve tried it, leave your thoughts in the comments section or add a link to a review on your blog.