Posted August 28, 2006 5:17 pm by with 3 comments

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I’m always being asked to review the latest book on marketing. With a hectic schedule, it can be tough to get any time to read any of them, but I just made time to read Search Engine Optimization: An Hour a Day.

You have to give credit to authors Gradiva Couzin and Jennifer Grappone for putting together an excellent book that combines practical advice sprinkled with humor – very much needed to prevent this topic from being too dry.

The book is definitely aimed at beginners, with half of the book spent on search engine optimization background and campaign preparation. At the half-way point Couzin and Grappone walk readers through a step-by-step plan that takes them from day one through to the end of month three. Experienced SEO’s can skip the structured approach, but for those new to SEO, this logical and detailed plan, is a great way to get into the SEO habit.

Don’t let the book’s title fool you, it takes a healthy dose of creative license, which means the authors also discuss paid search in enough detail to get most people up and running. The book lacks detailed reviews and user-guides for the tools and services it recommends – expecting readers to figure that out for themselves – but is a great first read for those who have only just discovered what SEO means (search engine optimization, in case you’ve not got that far yet).

Lastly, the “right brain” “left brain” dialog boxes that pop-up throughout the book are a welcome addition. Reading two experts attacking a subject from two perspectives – art vs. science – adds an interesting and comical twist.

I didn’t pay for my copy of the book, but would have no hesitation in buying a copy for anyone new to the industry!

  • This sounds like a really great book, that has just what I need!

  • An hour a day – it’s too much. I more prefer half of hour.

  • If you can’t come up with 1 hour per day, and you are in a completive keyword (and show me one that isn’t), then you should probably go for a business model that doesn’t need search engine optimization.