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We had a little timing issue during today’s Online Reputation Monitoring panel at SES San Jose. Being the last speaker, moderator Chris Sherman, indicated that I’d need to rush my presentation.

On that basis, I jokingly asked how many bloggers were in the audience. Many raised their hands and I told them that they were all my favorite bloggers and that if they told their readers how great my presentation was, I’d buy them a drink at the bar. Concluding, “that’s how you ensure a good reputation among bloggers”. 😉

While everyone saw the joke, unfortunately for me, Rand Fishkin and Greg Jarboe thought it would be a good opportunity to link-bomb me with the phrase “drinks for links” and so it’s started.

Oh well, if you can’t beat them, join them!

In my book, $3-5 per inbound link is a good deal! 😉

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  • Anonymous

    Sorry I missed the festivities but I would have made you shell out for a Macallan 25 instead of the $3 Beast Light. That’s a drink that’s worth a link. Have fun in San Jose.


  • Here I thought I had a great idea, and tried to register When I saw it was taken, I had to see who owned it, and it led me here… heh – clever, Andy

    oh well – I did register the dashed version…
    If you want to lay claim to it, just let me know next time I see you, and I’ll give it up.

  • @Scott – great minds….