Posted August 24, 2006 3:54 pm by with 0 comments

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The Yahoo Search blog would like you all to know that you can now find Flickr photos via Yahoo Search.

Try searching for funny photos and you’ll find hilarious and wacky Flickr photos of animals, kids, and signs. Searching for things that people think are funny is a good example of a query where combining what the community knows (and tags) with what algorithms can compute can lead to better search results.

Three of the four images for “funny photos” are of cats. I guess the phrase “every dog has his day” is now obselete. Cats now rule cute photos! 😉

Has Yahoo found the trump card with image search? I’ve not really ever seen any of the main search engines do image search well. Yahoo’s realized that instead of trying to build an algorithm that understands photos – or acquiring a company that’s built one – they can simple rely on the Flickr community to provide tagged images. Cool!