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Danny Sullivan sat down with Google CEO, Eric Schmidt and discussed many Google topics. Here’s what I found to be most interesting…

Schmidt doesn’t worry so much about the US government getting Google’s data, as much as he “worries about non-US governments getting the data.”

Why doesn’t Google provide a breakdown of Google Adwords data? “Too many people are trying to reverse engineer, so we don’t release the information.”

Impressed with the MTV and MySpace deals? Schmidt said that “many more deals are coming.”

He’s happy with the current state of radio ads and reminded Danny that they had only just started with radio ad whereas paid search has had 7 years of growth already.

Despite what it may look like to the casual observer, “all new product launches are part of a master-plan.”

Why is Google working so hard to launch new products? “Users are literally a “search click” away from going elsewhere.”

So how often does Schmidt “Google”? He searches personally, “50 – 100 times a day”.

Asked what he thought about eBay banning Google Checkout, he said you’ll have to ask eBay that question, but did say that they had offered to include PayPal as part of Google Checkout.

Once the main keynote finished, I was invited to join a small group of journalists in a private Q&A with Schmidt. I’ll post details of that tomorrow, but in the meantime, you can see photos here.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt Chats to the Press

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