Posted August 14, 2006 9:45 pm by with 3 comments

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Google has announced they are rolling out new features for Blogger. Some of the cool new tools include:

* Permissions: Decide who gets to read your blog.
* Labels: Categories for Blogger, yay!
* Extra feeds: let readers subscribe to comments etc

Existing Blogger users will have to wait for a magic link to appear. In the meantime, everyone can check out the new features by simply starting a new blog.

I met with Jason Goldman, on the Blogger team, last week and he alluded to the fact that new features were coming. I practically begged them to add some type of categories, so I’m tickled to see the new features – now perhaps the WordPress kids will stop teasing me! 😉

  • I was very excited about this too Andy, but it sounds like people who publish Blogger blogs to their own domains like yourself won’t be able to enjoy all the features.

    Here’s the link someone posted on my blog as a reference:

    We’ll have to wait and see what’s included and what’s not. I bet labels won’t be available to us, which would be a real drag…

  • Very interesting changes at the horizon. I hope these will make the Blogger more and more attractive.

  • I too think this is very interesting change, but still i feel there is lot more to go for bringing more good additional features.