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What a busy day!

Up at 4:30am to catch a flight from Raleigh to San Jose. Pick-up the rental car and head straight to Google’s offices, aka “the Googleplex”.

It took me almost as long to find a parking space as it took me to drive from the airport to Mountain View. And that’s about as detailed as I can get with this summary of today’s visit. While hundreds of people meandered around the courtyard, grabbing lunch, riding scooters, sitting in massage chairs – my meeting was about as covert as it gets.

No photos of anything inside – although I did manage to smuggle out a Cliff Bar from one of the numerous snack stations – and every meeting I had was “off the record” and not for blogging. Do they even know how much that hurts!

Special thanks go to Brett Crosby, for inviting me out, showing me around and walking me through the complexities of grabbing lunch. Thanks also to Diana Adair, manager of corporate communications, for putting together a jam-packed schedule and being my host for the day.

So who did I speak to? That I am allowed to reveal:

Jason Goldman – Product Manager for Blogger. We chatted about the state of the blogosphere and general trends in blogging.

Richard Holden – Product Managemet Director for AdWords. Richard heads up AdWords, which of course we discussed at length.

Niniane Wang – Software Engineer. Yes, the Niniane. The one who’s blogging life would never be the same again, since I told the whole world where to find her blog. She’s as smart and witty as her blog posts suggest and it was a pleasure to chat to her.

So what else can I reveal about my trip to Google? I could tell you, but then either myself or Niniane would have to kill you! 😉

  • Andy, without details that was almost like listening to one of my kid’s field trips to the local museum. 🙂

    Good for you you got the VIP tour in any case!