Leaked AOL Data Reveals One Man’s Embarrassing Problem

While the majority of you are trying to figure out how to collect useful data from AOL’s unfortunate data-dump, Niniane Wang is focusing on the really interesting stuff. :-)

Here’s the search string for one AOL user…

sexual positions 05-22 21:57:18 www.sexualpositionsfree.com/
sexual positions 05-22 21:57:18 www.askmen.com/
sexual positions 05-22 21:57:18 www.condoms.au.com/
premature ejaculation 05-22 22:20:23 www.webmd.com/

Poor guy, from “research” to “rapid end” in just 23 minutes!

  • http://www.acorg.com MikeOK

    That guy must be really good with one hand…. I mean typing. That many queries in that short of time. You would be hard pressed to to even read any results. (bad pun) Kidding aside, I see it as a good example of why ranking on the top page above the fold is so important.