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Did you know that Michael Arrington of TechCrunch is pulling in $60k a month from advertising on his blog? How about, Boing Boing? Did you know they’re on track to rake-in $1m this year?

Business 2.0 lifts the lid on how blogs are becoming big business and drawing in $40 million a year in advertising. A drop in the ocean, compared to other advertising mediums, but with online ad spending expected to increase by 50% in the next few years, and blogs become more popular, blog advertising spending is set for huge growth.

The article is lengthy but does a great job outlining where the money is going and which networks are doing well. John Battelle’s FM Publishing is included in the overview.

Anyway, back to that $60k a month, who’s going to help me out by buying a sponsored ad on Marketing Pilgrim? I tell you what, I’ll put you in front of a great audience AND I’ll give a discount to anyone that signs-up before the end of the month! So how about? Do you really want to see a grown man beg? 🙂

  • rcjordan

    how much for a negative div?

  • allow the bloggers to make some extra money through recommended products directly from within their blogs, and hopefully directing their readers to online retailers. As such, the respective blogger would receive a commission from any sales generated through referrals!