Posted August 13, 2006 4:53 pm by with 8 comments

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Over the past few months, I’ve seen a lot of blogs undergo big facelifts. Unfortunately, here at Marketing Pilgrim, we don’t exactly have the budget for a full facelift, but we can afford some “blog-botox”.

It doesn’t quite get us to the “Web 2.0″, but at least lets us hang with the younger crowd. ;-)

If you find any glitches, please let me know.


  • WebMetricsGuru

    I like the new Botox treatment – the more white space the better – leaves me more room to relax while I’m reading your blog posts.

  • Sean Fraser

    It’s fine on Safari and Firefox/Mac (excepting the Botox Team reverted your copyright date back one year).

  • Loren Baker

    Is this a Botox Party?

  • Andy Beal

    Thanks guys – this time I made changes while checking with FF, instead of just IE. ;-)

    I’ll update the copyright info too!

  • TopRank

    Gee, I wonder who else is updating their blog design? :)

  • TopRank

    BTW, I like the logo. Very modern.

  • Andy Beal

    Thanks! I’m sure others will release a kick-ass design soon. ;-)

  • Anonymous

    looks good andy