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What do you do if you upload Google AdSense to your site and don’t get an ROI? Here’s the plan..

1. Click on your own ads as many times as you can, after all, you need to make sure that the advertisers are still there. 🙂
2. Keep clicking.
3. Have your AdSense account suspended for invalid clicks. This is a key component of the plan.
4. Sue Google for $250,000 for lost ad revenue!

How simple is that? 😉

Think that’s crazy? Well, that’s exactly what one website owner did and JenSense has the full details.

  • GoogleStopper

    People People!

    Google has very sketchy TOS. Just because someone says in a contract that you sign yourself does not give someone the right to say in the contract that we can kill you if you breach it. This is a very sketchy business practice that Ebay and Paypal started first and there are no laws pertaining to them since this is the new dotcom era. They are criminals and there is no other word to call someone or company that will suspend without reason. This alows them to pick and choose which CORP status companies can use there service but at the same time say its avail for everyone……Sure google! It is getting time for real american citizens to stop allowing corp intrest in congress and start getting more consumer laws back as well as SMALL BUSINESS. We have turned into a generation that only likes to purchase from Corporate Companies instead of Small Businesses and corporate businesses like to brain wash you with commercials to say whats COOl or HIP! This is very sad as we will see all of our countries money go one way to corporate business which layoff more workers than anybody. Go ahead and feed the Google Giant and see how scandalous they start to get over the next years just as Ebay and paypal did. Google has no ethics and there company saying has been put to shame! The reason google make adsense a membership is because that allows them to have scandalous policies with there services like suspending your account without factual PROOF as a court room would require. Google hopes you just part ways and allow them to do there dirty deeds and once again cater the Wealthy! God Bless To All!