Social Media Sites Dominate Top Web Brands

Power to the people!

A new study (pdf) from Nielsen//NetRatings suggests half of the Top 10 fastest-growing internet brands are social media sites.

MySpace, and Flickr were among the list of movers and shakers.

Via ClickZ.

A New TechCrunch Empire?

Rob Hof has word that TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington has plans to create a network of 10-15 blogs on hot topics.

…he says he hopes to create a sort of “distributed CNET,” especially if a lot of other blogs in this increasingly crowded space hit the wall. “I’m hoping everything crashes,” he says. “Then I want to go buy all the big blogs.”

Well, if they’re as good as TechCrunch and the newlay launched CrunchGear, then he might just be the next blog mogul.

That gives me an idea…GadgetPilgrim…has a good sound to it, doesn’t it. ;-)

Marketing Pilgrim Gets Botox

Over the past few months, I’ve seen a lot of blogs undergo big facelifts. Unfortunately, here at Marketing Pilgrim, we don’t exactly have the budget for a full facelift, but we can afford some “blog-botox”.

It doesn’t quite get us to the “Web 2.0″, but at least lets us hang with the younger crowd. ;-)

If you find any glitches, please let me know.


Google Video Test New Interface; Porn?

TechCrunch has a couple of stories on Google Video.

The first shows a sneak peak of a new user interface that looks very similar to YouTube.

The top image is the old, the bottom is the new…

The second suggests that Google might be relaxing its stance on uploading porn.

…the restrictions on uploading “pornographic or obsceneâ€? material is now just a restriction on “obsceneâ€? material. They’ve also added a “mature and adultâ€? category…

Andy Beal Dares to Ask Google CEO About Click Fraud

On Wednesday, Search Engine Strategies attendees were treated to a keynote chat between Danny Sullivan and Google CEO, Eric Schmidt. Much has been covered of that session and I’ve already highlighted what I found to be the most interesting. Immediately after the chat, around twenty journalists, and a handful of bloggers, were given the chance for a private Q&A session with the Google chief. I was lucky enough to be on the list and, as the session was “on the record”, I took lots of notes and even asked Schmidt to discuss the real threat associated with click-fraud.

On Net Neutrality…

Sincere Thanks!

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank all the people who came up to me and offered words of support and encouragement.

Everyone I spoke with feels that this is a good move for me, and those of you who are already in consulting have made a compelling argument for taking that path.

If I didn’t get to see you, I’ll be around Thursday morning, so give me a call 919-624-2714.

I’ll keep everyone updated, as I evaluate the many different opportunities presented to me.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt at SES San Jose

Danny Sullivan sat down with Google CEO, Eric Schmidt and discussed many Google topics. Here’s what I found to be most interesting…

Schmidt doesn’t worry so much about the US government getting Google’s data, as much as he “worries about non-US governments getting the data.”

Why doesn’t Google provide a breakdown of Google Adwords data? “Too many people are trying to reverse engineer, so we don’t release the information.”

Impressed with the MTV and MySpace deals? Schmidt said that “many more deals are coming.”

He’s happy with the current state of radio ads and reminded Danny that they had only just started with radio ad whereas paid search has had 7 years of growth already.

Despite what it may look like to the casual observer, “all new product launches are part of a master-plan.”