Enquisite Offers Free Search Metrics Reports

Richard Zwicky has been offering to let me test his new search metrics tool for a couple of months now, unfortunately for me, I’ve been too busy to take him up on his offer.

Good news for everyone else, the tool is now available in beta at Enquisite.com and is completely free!

Enquisite is a cross between a web analytics tool and a search engine ranking report. You can learn more at their blog.

Search Engine Optimizer One of the Four Hottest Jobs

Staffing firm, Robert Half International, has published a list of what they feel are the “four jobs on the cutting edge”. One of those jobs, happens to be “Search Engine Optimizer”.

Search engine optimizers (SEOs) increase a firm’s Web site traffic by improving its search-engine page rankings. This is an especially important task in today’s Internet-driven world, where many customers first learn of an organization and its products or services through the Web. Because of a shortage of experts in this relatively new area, many top SEOs receive multiple job offers.

Thanks to Brent Franson for the tip, who by the way, would prefer to be called a “Search Engine Marketer”. I’d go one step further and say “Search Marketer” – but mostly to stop my pal Mike Grehan from asking me which search engine I am marketing. ;-)

Rollyo Adds New Search Features

Marketing Pilgrim’s site search engine is powered by Rollyo, a great tool that allows you to compile a search index of your favorite web sites.

Techcrunch brings words that Rollyo has added a slew of new features including a RollBar Bookmarklet, which allows you to search any site you happen to be visiting. Perfect for any site that doesn’t have its own site search tool.

Google’s Search Volume Share Breaks 60%

Bill Tancer of Hitwise reveals Google’s share of search volume has reached 60.2% of all searches. Yahoo follows with 22.5% and MSN with 11.8%.

Via SEW.

Google Extends Deal with Mozilla and RealNetworks

Google has extended relationships with both Mozilla and RealNetworks, according to Reuters.

RealNetworks and Google, together with Web browser maker Mozilla Corp., said they had agreed to distribute the Mozilla Firefox browser together with the Google Toolbar along with Real’s RealPlayer audio and video playback software.

Top Search Engines Agree to Work Together on Click Fraud

CNET has details of a new alliance by Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Ask.com, LookSmart and others to form the Click Measurement Working Group.

They’ll be partnering with the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and the nonprofit Media Rating Council and look to establish guidelines on what makes a click “invalid”.

The IAB said the guidelines will outline an industry-driven auditing and certification recommendation for search engines, online ad networks, third-party ad servers and other companies that make money from clicks.

It’s a smart move by the search engines. By joining together, they’re obviously convinced that the levels of click-fraud are not so high, that they don’t want anyone to pull-back the curtain. At the same time, they’re acknowledging that the issue could hurt their business model – due to perception – if they don’t appear to be acting on it.

More MSN Adcenter Upgrades Coming

If you are planning to make any changes to your Adcenter account on Saturday, you better make new plans

Dear Microsoft adCenter Advertiser,

We’ve listened to your feedback, and we are pleased to let you know about an upcoming Microsoft adCenter upgrade that offers new features to improve your online advertising experience.

Some upgrade highlights:

Now, use Microsoft adCenter with the Firefox 1.5 browser!
Daily, weekly, and monthly data will be updated on a more frequent basis to help you view results and optimize campaigns efficiently.
Filter the time frame for which you want your campaign and order summaries to show, instead of viewing them in the life-to-date format.
User-interface changes to the reporting tab will make it easier to use.