Three Depart AOL Over Search Data Leak

I’m glad to see AOL considers the accidental release of user’s search data to be unacceptable. The company has fired the researcher responsible and his supervisor, according to CNET.

The culling didn’t stop there, either…

CTO Maureen Govern “has decided to leave AOL effective immediately,” AOL Chief Executive Jon Miller wrote in an e-mail to employees dated Monday.

Seems like an appropriate response to me. Anyone think AOL should do more?

Still Waiting for Legal Stance onTrademarks in Subdomains

It looks like we’ll have to wait a little longer before we find out if using a trademark in a subdomain is legal or not. The lawsuit that would have helped define the situation has been settled out of court, according to ClickZ.

According to attorney and Santa Clara University law professor Eric Goldman, the case could have set some precedent about third-level subdomains (like the “blog” part of While trademark law has been shown to apply to a regular domain name, it has not yet been applied to third-level ones, and it’s not clear that it would apply, he said. It would also help define Google’s responsibility in what subdomains it allows to be registered.

Yahoo Has Eye on Tech Start-ups

Bradley Horowitz, Yahoo’s vice president for product strategy, chats with Lee Gomes of the WSJ about Yahoo’s strategy for acquiring interesting start-ups.

Don’t Join Washington Post Blogroll for Link Value

Quick update to the news that the Washington Post will be launching it’s own blogroll ad program. All of those text links on the WP site, while great for traffic, won’t pass any PageRank value. Google’s Matt Cutts confirms at the Search Engine Watch forum.

Search Competitors Gaining on Google

Big news! Google is dead, long live Google!

Well, some people are salivating at news from ComScore that suggests Google lost 1% of market share in July. No one competitor picked up that lone point, with competitors seeing just a small gain.

So, is this the start of the end? Will coming months see Google’s rivals eat away at the search engine’s market dominance?

Or, is this just a small bump in the road for Google? Kind of like a truck running over a possum; you kind of feel something, but shrug it off and continue trundling down the road anyway. ;-)

Free Google Wi-Fi? You Get What You Pay For!

I’ve seen more than one story this morning suggesting some people are criticizing Google’s free Wi-fi service in Mountain View, because it doesn’t offer live tech support.

For the love of Pete, people. It’s FREE! If you want whistle’s and bells, pay for it.

Web Analytics Firm ClickTracks Acquired

Fellow Brit and ClickTracks CEO, John Marshall, emailed me with details that his company has been acquired by J.L. Halsey. J.L. Halsey other companies include Lyris, EmailLabs, and most recently, Hot Banana – a Web content management company.

In his email, Marshall, expresses his enthusiasm for the deal…

The arrangement provides investments and increased resources for acceleration of ClickTracks’ product development, marketing, sales and support capabilities, and it gives us a much larger addressable market for ClickTracks products.

He also explains how ClickTracks will operate as part of the group…

As part of this agreement, ClickTracks remains a corporation, and becomes an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of J.L. Halsey. So we get the best of
all worlds — independence and the resources to better serve our current and upcoming customers.