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This may be below your radar, but Raleigh-based Red Hat – known for its Linux software – has quietly launched a social networking portal that may challenge MySpace and other popular destinations.

Launched May 31st, Mugshot allows users to aggregate music, blogs, messaging and other media from a single location. Unlike competing sites, Mugshot allows its users to choose their favorite applications from anyone they please, meaning they could use Gmail, Flickr or Rhapsody if they wish.

From the Mugshot “about” page…

Mugshot is an open project to create a live social experience around entertainment…Mugshot makes it easy to share web pages and show off your music tastes. You can learn about Mugshot feautures as we introduce them on our Mugshot Features page.

Red Hat has set up a 10-person dedicated team to support Mugshot and the site is available by invitation only.


If you’re in Raleigh, you can pick-up this weeks TBJ for their thoughts.