Posted August 31, 2006 10:42 am by with 1 comment

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Poor Robert Scoble, he’s a little concerned he may have lost his Scoblizing powers. Here’s what he said at his blog…

Anand M., in India, asks “has Scoble lost his blog power?� (I linked to him and he didn’t get many visits). My read? If I ever did have blog power, it’s gone now. Digg and TechMeme have all the power now.

Don’t worry Robert, you’ve transcended to a higher place. Sure your blog is still a huge traffic generator to any site you happen to link to – any site, like this one for example (hint, hint) – but you’ve become a “connector” in true Gladwell “Tipping Point” style.

Need an example? You were the first person to tell the world about Google sending us some aspirin. I’ll be honest, the amount of actually direct traffic, was less than I expected. But, your post connected with hundreds of other bloggers, who then ended up adding the story to Digg. Five thousand Diggs and more than 35,000 visitors later, the full Scoble-juice was felt.

So don’t be disheartened Robert. Being Scobled still has plenty of value!

  • rcjordan

    scoble who? oh yeah, i remember …i quit reading him just after i quit reading kottke, and i quit reading kottke just after i quit reading buzzmachine.