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I’ve never known anyone to absorb business books and implement their ideas, as much as my good friend, and on- and off- co-worker, Ben Wills.

He’s putting together a series of training videos that teach different business ideas. The first includes includes references to tooth fairies – when was the last time you watch a business lesson that included mythical winged pixies!

Here’s Ben’s summary of his first video…

In this session, we define the purpose of a business, and how that purpose is fulfilled. We also logically continue to define that valuable relationships are the key to a successful organization, and that effective communication then becomes essential. We continue even further to define that language is the keystone to communication, and explore various understandings of how language constructs the realities in which we and others decide to move within.

That’s a good summary, but I can crunch that down to two words….”tooth” “fairies”. 🙂

Good stuff Ben!